Help - Tomato Seedlings Sick!

CaptAndy(7)May 4, 2011

I have started my seedlings from a Gurney's seed starter kit. This consists of deep peat pots seated in a styrofoam tray which floats on water, hence wicking the water from below and the roots come through the bottom and bathe in the water tray.

It was recommended that i begin a feeding solution after the true leaves appear. I put a solution as suggested on the miracle gro plant food label for inside plants. I am now beginning to realize this solution might be over doing it and could be the cause of my plants demise. The leaves began turning yellow and their growth came to a stop. Now a lot of leaves are curling up and have begun shriveling and dying,while the entire plants are flopping over. They also have not received a lot of sun over the past week as its been cloudy.

My solution so far is to back off the water dump the solution and let the very wet peat pots breathe. I have moved them down to the basement and placed them under growlights as well in order to hopefully save them. Please offer any other comments suggestions in order to get some life back in these babies.

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Yes, you need a very weak solution of fertilizer for the plants, but they probably needed some fertilizer.

Sorry, the picture quality isn't too good (i take photos like that myself, lol), but I don't see normal fertilizer damage, which would include drying and crisping on the outside edges of the leaves.

My first suspicion is that you might be overwatering. Actually, I feel pretty confident that is what is happening. I know that peat pots dry out fast and it's tempting to want to keep them moist to downright soggy, but I would let the soil get dry in between waterings. Tomatoes really hate too much water. They hate having wet feet due to sogginess.

If the roots are coming through it's time to get them out of the water. Do not leave them in water. You may want to transplant them into a larger container with potting mix (not topsoil or garden soil) or put them into the ground if they are ready. Water them only when the soil has dried out. Stick your finger in the soil a few inches down; if it's still moist, don't water.

It's okay that it has been cloudy and they have been deprived of sunny skies. That should not cause any problems.

They don't look too bad and should recover when they've had a chance to dry out for a few days or so.

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