Other Columbia gardeners?

novice_2009(zone 6b)April 4, 2009

I'm looking for other gardeners living in Columbia, i'm new to planting a lot of things this year.......would love to read any tips you have on veggie gardens, herb gardens, shade gardens, how you planned you gardens, canning, whatever! Let's get in touch. I posted on spring 2009 roll call.

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We live on the West side of Columbia in Willow Lake. Have both veggie and flower gardens. Always love to share plants and information. Been canning for over 30 years, I just love it. Great to know you are interested in learning. Keep you eye out for yard sales that have canning jars, they seem to get more expensive every year. We are also on the Spring 2009 roll call.

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novice_2009(zone 6b)

My grandparents live in Sunnyside. I live on Mooresville pike, and i'm just learning to plant new veggies, want to can. Our garden plot is not very big. What's your advice on growing beans, tomatoes, squash, corn? I dont use pesticides or herbicides, and am using compost to enrich the soil. With your 30 years experience, can you recommend good placement of these, and anything else you might think of. Love cucumbers, husband loves pickles, soooo.... It's true...the price of canning jars is high-like everything else. My grandmother has a few, and my mom has a few. I just want to grow enough fresh veggies to feed my family and friends. ANY tips you could send my way would be appreciated! Thanks.

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ladybug37091(z7 Tennessee)

Hello my Columbia niegbors. I'm in Lewisburg so pretty close to ya. I try to keep chemicals to a minimum. Compost and lots of it is fab. If you are just starting out beans are a winner and very easy to grow. Squash is usually very prolific and tomatoes a source of pride. I find corn to be more demanding as it needs alot of food. I hope to meet you all at the swap. Rhonda

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irisaddict(6b/7 TN)

Well, my phone is in Columbia and my mail comes through Spring Hill. Come check out a Spring Hill Garden Club meeting some time. We have members from Columbia, Spring Hill, Thompsons Station, and Franklin. Our website is at:

We'd love to have you pop in for a meeting.


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novice_2009(zone 6b)

Sounds good! Ladybug i'm doing organic gardening this year, no herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.
I've good success with tomatoes and cucumbers in the past.
This year I'm trying out beans, corn, zucchini, onions, and sugar baby watermelon(my daughter LOVES watermelon).
It's a lot of new stuff I'm doing, but i read all i can, and try to follow some common advice. Starting it all from seed this year, little nervous about that. But I'm very excited, also have a shade garden and am making raised bed flower garden on sunny side of house. I'm going to keep a journal on everything, so I can learn from mistakes and successes. What's the swap ladybug?

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I too am from Columbia. I do some sun but mostly shade gardens. I do some tomatoes and had success with bell peppers. I am looking to expand my veggie prowess as well as any shade plants. I love Lowes in Columbia. I have had some good success with the reduced price perennials. Anything I can help you with just ask.


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ladybug37091(z7 Tennessee)

Heydee Novice,
The swap I am speaking about is the mtps (middle tennessee plant swap). We hold in in the Henry Horton park in Chapel Hill twice a year. Do a search on garden web for it and make sure you check out our web sight. Got one coming up May 16. It is way too much fun! Rhonda

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