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srburkMay 19, 2006

My cherry tomato has leaves on the inside and the bottom that are yellowing, and then turning brown. Sometimes they do this all at once, and then sometime from the tip in. There are no spots, and no "target" pattern. I have searched through TAMU's pics and see nothing exactly like except the pictures of verticillum wilt, but the fruit isn't stunted and it seems unlikely in a Husky Red Cherry.

How likely is it that this is a fungal disease vs. leaf age? I water by hand, so the only times the leaves are wet is when it rains.

Should I treat with a organic fungicide as a "just in case" manuever, or leave it alone? I am religious about checking the water level, so I don't think it's stress. The plant is huge..almost five feet tall and four feet wide. It's getting new stakes this weekend. It gets seaweed extract spray once a week and cornmeal once a month, and compost as it requires. Only thing it's been sprayed with is BT (I had a bumper crop of hornworms.).

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

I did find your same question in the Tomato pest and Disease Forum ( link at the top of this page for folks who don't iknow about it) and was going to answer there, but upon rereading your post I don't think it's a disease problem at all. And I wouldn't do anything to your plants.

You've mentioned no wilting, no distinct spots on the leaves and so I think it's just normal drop off of foliage due to perhaps high heat. Leaves in the interior of heavy foliage often will do that.

And while I'm here, there aren't many of us who have the time to answer questions in the Tomato pest and Disease Forum these days.

I love to try and solve problems and will try to get over there today, but I just wanted to share with others who might be reading this that in a week or so I go in for surgery and thus won't be posting for perhaps three weeks.

Hopefully some others with knowledge of diseases will take up the slack.

And I urge anyone with possible pest or disease problems to post there. We lobbied long and hard to get Spike to put up that Forum and it's so much better to have all such posts in one place so that searches can be done, so that backposts can be read, and so that folks can use Problem Solver #2.


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