What is the name of a shrub that has yellow blades ...

bbbbosox(z7 GA)April 4, 2007


First, congrats to the UT women for winning another title!

I recently had an opportunity to stay in a cabin on the Little River in Townsend, TN. Beautiful area in the foothills. It was on the way over to Sevierville via RT 321 that I observed many relatively large shrubs (at least that's what I think they were) that appeared to be anywhere from 3-6 feet in height and the width varied depending upon the grouping of the shrubs. The shrub seemed to be large blades of a yellowish color. Some shrubs were of a light yellow nature ... others very yellow. Most of the ones I saw were in the Wears (spelling?)Valley area (just over the Blount County line going north on 321), but I'm sure they're in other areas as well. From my vantage point there were no flowers on these shrubs, but my eye sight sometimes isn't the best from a distance. LOL! You have a very beautiful state ... the dogwoods are out in full bloom and I haven't seen so many wild crape myrtles in my life along the road. The red maples too! Hopefully, someone can identify the shrub (or ?) that I saw.

Thanks in advance.


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irisaddict(6b/7 TN)

I was confused by "blades" so just to get the conversation rolling and since no one else has guessed, are we talking something like yucca
or suma

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bbbbosox(z7 GA)


Thanks for your gracious reply ... I really appreciate it. My question was a "shot in the dark" as I only observe this shrub/large plant from a moving auto. I hope to get back to the area, stop and park and take a much closer look. Some people that I've talked to suggest it might have been Forsythia, but after looking at pictures of Forsythia, I still differ with them.

I looked at your suggested URL's and it isn't either one of those. However, I did find the image of the sumac very inviting with its red color. I'll have to investigate that plant as my only experience with sumac has been the "poison ivy" type. :>(

Thanks again for your efforts. The folks on this particular forum are very knowledgeable ... while unfortunately I'm not.

Good luck to y'all with your Plant Swap efforts. I hope to be able to get up that way to just take a look at what you folks swap. Yes, I know the swap rules from reading a few posts.

Have a great day, week, month, year! Take care.

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You can come to the Middle Tennessee Plant Swap too! We have folks from several states that show up on a regular basis. UGA and GT fans are always welcome! :-)

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bbbbosox(z7 GA)


I like the handle!

Thanks for the invite. I missed by the narrowest of margins the most recent swap meet ... right now, I have to admit I'm a wee bit confused as to which one is which. I'm referring to the one just held on the 7th. I just read a post when there is going to be a fall swap meet on or about the 20th of OCT. I'd sure like to get up there to the River one too, but it's iffy right now for me. But ... I'll be monitoring and hoping somethings break for me that I might give it a go.

Actually (please don't mention this to my GA relatives and friends) I'm a VOL fan. Have been for ages. I have lived many different places over the years (the last 15 in Northern GA ... reasonably close to the TN border ... approx. 50 miles or so). I went to college on the West Coast ... we played TN over the a few decades usually on a back to back schedule or with a three year spread. Can remember Bill Battle as coach and others over the years. First game I saw was at The Coliseum in LA, then over at the Rose Bowl. Never missed a game at the Rose Bowl between the Vols and the Bruins ... great battles a number of times, but the Vols usually prevailed and sometimes by good margins. The Bruins won, but never dominated the Vols as the Vols dominated us IMHO. I'll never forget our (Bruins) opener when Cobb-Webb just ran us asunder. It was our opening game and most Bruin football players still have their minds on the beach and bikinis! :) I believe the Vols had played the week before in their opener and had struggled, but that day they sure didn't. You've had some great teams fairly consistently over the years. I always root for them ... ssssshhh, I mustn't say that too loud as the UGA crowd will get upset ... my son married into UGA family, sooooooo ... it does get interesting at times with my trying to be diplomatic. LOL! This upcoming season should be interesting for both teams.

Again, thanks for the invite and sorry I sort of digress into another subject, albeit important, right?

Take care and may be we'll meet up sometime at one of the swaps!

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I live around the area that you visited. I just bought a new place and i have the shrub that I believe that you are talking about (maybe). I was also curious to what it is called.

Does it have long stems that come straight out of the ground with tiny yellow 'leaves'. (From a distance they look like leaves but when you get up close they are actually tiny flowers.) I discovered that they drop their flowers and get green leaves. I have seen them pruned and bush like or just long shoots coming out of the ground.

I might be way off (sorry if I am) but since having a row of them in my yard have now noticed them all over the yards in this area. I wish I had gotten a pic (thought it would stay yellow, oops)

I don't mean to hi-jack the thread but if anyone know the name that would be great (don't know if I should prune or not) Maybe this is the shrub you saw?

If so I have more than I really want. I have a 20-25 foot row (I'm keeping) and a couple of extra random bushes. If it turns out to be the same I could get cuttings or perhaps a bush for you. ?.

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irisaddict(6b/7 TN)


Are you talking about forsythia
(ignore the height, this is just a short variety)

or broom?


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thanks Evelyn,

It is the forsynthia!!

I had never come across this plant before and now I have a bunch of it. I wasn't sure what I should do for it. It seems pretty easy care. I liked what I found about being able to force winter flowers from it!!

Thanks so much for the lead!
Off to read more . . . . .

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bbbbosox(z7 GA)


First, please let me congratulate you on your new home. I loved that whole general area! Due to the fact I didn't stop and look closely at what I tried to describe in my original post, I "know nothing"! LOL!

From your description I think your plants are Forsythia. It's a beautiful shrub. But unfortunately to my mind's eye it doesn't look like what I "thought" I saw. Oh well.

irisaddict knows her stuff and I think she has identified your shrub.

Good luck with your new home and I just might take you up on your nice offer re: cuttings or a bush. That is most kind of you to offer. Thanks. I'm hoping to get back up that way within a few months and I plan on STOPPING, getting out of the car and taking a very close look at what I saw. I just hope I don't get run off someone's property!!! LOL!


You are most helpful to all who visit. Thanks for your diligence in identifying various plants, shrubs, etc. You're good, gurl! Take care. My best to you and all the others on this forum.

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