strange tomato leaf curl

buckscopaMay 30, 2009

I've been growing tomatoes for 30-some years, and have never had this before. I grow 50% of my plants in 1/2 barrels/pots and the other 50% in ground. I plant many varieties. This year I planted 1 grape tomato (Moby Grape), and right from the start, it looked odd. Now, the new leaves are VERY curled & stretched (almost tendril-like), but dark green. No yellow veins, like from herbicide, and the older leaves are still OK. Anyone have a clue? The in ground plants are fine & healthy, but several other potted ones are beginning to look strange, too, but not nearly like the grape.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

No need to have yellow or other colors from herbicide. And older leaves will be fine.

I suspect herbicide damage.

If the tomato grows out of it, that will clinch the diagnosis.

That said, if it is herbicide, it appears the plant received a sizeable dose. In which case, the outlook is poor.

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Thanks....I think I'll just rip 'em out & start over, rather than wait & see. Landscaper drift may have happened when I wasn't around.

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