That was sooooooooooooo fun!

atokadawn(7)April 12, 2008

It was a great day! The sun was shinning, the breeze was cool, and the company was teriffic!

We sure missed all that did not get to come. I hope you will be at the fall one. We were asked to come back often.

We laughed and talked so much that I came home with lots of plants and no voice. I have alot of new family now. Nothing like extended garden family to add to your life.

As you can tell by the fact I am able to post, hubby did not kill me for bringing home the He should be happy AtokaTeddy was there to be my backup.(yea right)

Everyone ready to start for the fall swap?

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Glad everybody had a good time, and thanks for the plant donations to the church, we stayed later and got _everything_ planted. Added only a bit more to my sunburn, back is already wasted.

We _JUST_ walked in... Not a bad day, only 14 hours. I'm a bit sunburned, and sore from moving that 1 Ton of gravel and 3 cubic yards of soil, but I'll be back for more!

"Mrs. Squid" also had a stellar time as did our Pastor and everybody from the church that walked down to our area and visited, which I think went a long way to the return invite.
They were a bit leery about hosting a bunch of folks from the Internet nobody had ever actually _met_ yet, as it is a commonly held, and often confirmed, notion that the Internet is full of freaks and wierdo's.

For months now, we have been planning this years "Fall / Harvest Festival" and I think that would be the perfect time to do another one. So start looking around Halloween time frame... How is Saturday, November 1st 2008 sound?

I think another "rule" is everybody who brought a dish is supposed to bring the recipe on 3x5 cards or post them (That is a not-so-subtle hint to whomever it was that brought that pasta&chicken casserole my youngest gobbled up.)

Well, I need to go take a flexoril, 800mg of motrin, and crawl into the jacuzzi w/ some fermented grape juice.

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Hello All, I think that it was me that brought that dish. It is Chicken Rotel. I will email you the recipe, and it is very simple to make and reasonably priced too! On another note, I want to thank each and everyone with whom I met and shared plants,laughter,and good food with today. I had a blast! Got some really nice plants too. I hope to make the next swap in the Fall and see everyone again. Please keep me posted on the actual date and time. Jackie S. from Covington

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leighmac(z7 Mem)

John, Karen, Lani, Wanda, Jackie, Kim, Mary, Rob(?),et al.
I am so glad I met you all and I thought the swap was great!
I so scored with the junipers! My neighbors oohed and awed!
I can't wait for the Fall swap/carnival. John, those kids were amazing! Really hard workers! I promise I will be ready for the next work day. Your Pastor was so gracious! Superlatives to the nth degree! All you West Tennesseers who didn't come...WOW what you missed! Just remember ....FALL!
I can't wait!
Love and blessings to you all!

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Sounds like a grand time was had by all! I would love a copy of the chicken rotel recipe as well please?

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All I have to say is whoever missed this event missed a good one. Jackie I think you can just post your recipe here (hint hint). I had a wonderful time and hopefully my family won't be having that plant addiction intervention with me anytime soon. I got my nap so maybe my patients will behave (hehe). Jennifer I have questions about your tomatoes do you plant them in ground or do you usually do containers? I think this is one plant Rob will actually help me with (he loves tomatoes). So glad to meet everyone!!
Mary and her side kick Rob (who is bringing all my plants back in tonight because it is going to get cold)

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How many did you have?
How was the lecture?
C'mon, the rest of us are dying to know!!!

I'm so happy that it was a success and that ya'll had a great time! I wish we could have been there.

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opps I don't think any brought a camera. I thought about one but that was afer my trip back home to grab some more plants. I would venture to say there were about 10 of us??? Head count anyone? But if there was a prize for most plants Atokadawn and Jackie tied. I don't think I have ever seen that many plants except at the nursery. I just kept going back for one more (I admit I have a problem)I can't wait to do it again. As soon as I see my perinials popping thier heads up I will start thinking fall swap.


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mstagjd120(z7 MEMTN)

What a great way to spend a pretty Saturday - talkin' plants with some cool folks. Special thanks to John for getting things going and for the guest speakers.

I'm so excited about the (many) plants I brought home and about the gardeners I got to meet. Thanks to everyone.

Mary - I have tried tomatoes in containers but I have better luck if they're in the ground, in good soil and in a sunny spot.

Thanks again - I thought it was awesome!


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To all who wanted the "Chicken Rotel" recipe. Here is what I use:

1- 10 oz. can "Rotel" brand diced tomatoes and green chilies
1- 16 oz. package of spaghetti noodles
1- 16 oz. package of Velvetta cheese
2- Large "bone in" chicken breast
Salt and Pepper

Boil 2 lg. chicken breasts with skin on, and let cool. Pull chicken off of the bone and tear into small peices.Add salt and pepper to chicken and then set aside. Cut Velvetta into cubes for easier melting. Add entire can of Rotel to cubed cheese and place into the microwave. I use a large glass bowl and cover with a plate. Stir often until all cheese is melted and rotel and cheese are mixed. Watch carefully, as it will boil over quickly. I cook in my microwave at 3 minute intervals until completely melted. Set aside. Place noodles into water, add 1 teaspoon salt, and bring to a boil. When noodles are tender, drain off water. Combine all ingredients into a large pot or casserole dish. This makes a good sized dish.

And that is all there is to it.......YUM YUM!

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Hi all, I'm sorry I had to miss this event afterall, and I am new to this forum community and gardening too. =(

We had out-of-state guests coming in to town who were supposed to arrive Saturday night, but called Friday and announced they were running a day ahead of schedule as they ran out of things to do at the last place they visited in their road-trip... oh. joy! I love visitors, especially ones you haven't seen in a long time... but I just wasn't ready Saturday morning!! So anyways, all my little peat-potted veggies and flowers had to go un-swapped... but my friend is taking some back to Boston with her as repayment haha!

Now I'm just worried about the possibility of frost. I put my veggies out in their wine-barrels last week so that I'd have everything done and ready for visitors... now I'm worried I jumped the gun!

I'm bringing in the flower pots and tomatoes in their pots, but I can't move those wine barrels, they're huge...

I think I will wrap the babies up in sheets?

Anyways, I'm real sorry I missed meeting west tennessee folks here in Memphis - I only live 10 minutes from the place yall were having a day. I hope I can make the fall one!!

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I took my camera, but the sun would not play fair. All the shots came out waaaaaaaaaaaaay to bright.
Anytime is good for me. Where the plants are, I will
I just hope that more area members will come join us this time.

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John, so glad you got us a picture during your running in and

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I posted this on a nother thread but I'm going to put it here to :o)

I enjoyed it as well! Everyone was so nice and welcoming.
Now I just have to try to place everyones real name to their screen name on here.
I want to thank everyone for lovely plants,flowers and veggie plants and most of all I thank you for your fellowship!

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For those that do not have my e-mail:

Till later, Lani

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Yes, I was able to stop long enough to snap 1 picture.
And sorry I didn't have more time to spend socializing.. I was getting pulled in 4 different directions. I told them I was only able to be pulled in TWO!

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Hey John, you are supposed to warn us ladies when you are going to snap a pic of our backsides :) Had I known you were back there I would have been running like crazy!!! I can't wait til the fall swap!!!


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Only four directions? Some swaps just being quartered would be a relief! :-)

You guys really need to come to Chapel Hill for the MTPS!!! From DeSoto Bridge/Poplar & 3rd it's only 220 miles.

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Thank you for the recipe!

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Now Jeff,
We are new.....Give us Then we will all be jumping in all directions. I think the first one was a wonderful time for all.

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leighmac(z7 Mem)

Just a follow-up. As many of you may recall, my friend Ava mentioned the burned-out house on my street and what could we do about it? It looks like Mr. Siemer from the environmental court got right on it. It was demolished this past week. HURRAH! More speakers like that please!

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Assistant D.A. Siemer _is_ amazing!

He has all the contacts, both county and city, as well as neighboring counties... and he really does care.

I know he didn't even _start_ going to law school till AFTER he "retired", so he surely does it for the love of the job, and because he _can_ make a difference.

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