What's wrong - Gray leaf, Bac speck???

gardenmommy_2010May 24, 2011

After looking online I think my tomato plants have either Gray leaf spot or bacterial speck although I'm a recent gardener & haven't dealt w/ diseases before - and the pictures for all vary so much. The spots seem to start underneath the leaves & move upward. Plus, we had tons of rain & hail days before I discovered it. Attached below are some pics - what do you think? The hubby went to big box store & they sold him some organic spray based on neem oil - told him it'd clear it up in about a week & then to continue spraying biweekly. From what I've read & previous advice I probably need a copper spray - which I'll be getting today. It started on 2 plants that I'd bought & has already started spreading to my other plants that I'd started. (This gardening thing is not for the faint of heart!) I've spent hours looking at everyone's previous disease posts. What happens to all of our diseased plants? Do the fungicide sprays help in containing the disease & giving us tomatoes? Or am I screwed? I've got 36 plants - 31 that I've nurtured from seeds. I hate to see all that tender loving care go down the drain. Thanks!




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