goatster(7bGa)May 25, 2006

Help the aphids are on my tomato plants and sucking the life out of the leaves. Can you suggest a quick home brew to kill them? I tried neem oil but it doesn't seem to be working unless it takes more than 12 hours. They are just glued it seems under the leaves. Not easy to get them off.

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cbars(z5b6a MO-Kansas City)

You can blast them off with a hose end sprayer or mix up some insecticidal soap and water and spray your plants.

Keep checking them because the aphids will probably come back.

Good luck,


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I've a lot of aphids on my tomatoe plants as well.

I tried both organic and chemical spray it just didn't work well. I think I may have to buy several boxes of lady bug.

Anybody have any good idea, please let me know.

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tomatoguy(6B TN)

They don't necessarily fall off just because you kill them. Check a few hours after spraying with a magnifying glass to see how many are still alive. I have had success with neem oil against aphids but am currently using soapy insecticidal spray.


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I agree with tomatoguy. Check to see if they are dead. Neem oil, as far as I understand, puts them in suspended animation and then they slowly dehydrate. Also, just to be sure, Neem is a contact spray so you have to spray under the leaves. The only aphids I have found Neem oil has problems with are the gray aphids that the ants farm. For them I use strong streams of water and finally pyrethrin. Good luck.

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