Rooting Cuttings

growneatJanuary 5, 2013

If you take a very close look at the stems of tomato plants there are very small hairlets protruding from them. Do these have an actual name and are these from whence come the new roots when you place a cutting in soil or water? How does this work?

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

They are called root primordia or adventitious roots and those folks who plant their plants horizontally do so b/c those rootlets form new roots wherever they touch the soil, which builds up a more extensive root structure which is good for water and nutrient uptake.

And yes, when cuttings are taken from a plant( and sucker cuttings are best) those wee rootlets form. I suggest not rooting cuttings in water, but using a solid matrix such as soiless mix etc,m b/c if you start in water the rooted cuttings just have to adapt to a solid matrix when you plant them anyway. Just my opinion.


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Thank you Carolyn. You are the best.

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