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sweetwoodruff(6)April 4, 2011

This rainy day has me thinking May flowers. The seed trays I started a couple of weeks ago are not showing any sign of life:( I left them out during the last temperature drop,would they come up?. I hope so because I really wanted the blackeye susans for the swap. Here is a list of what I will be bringing:

variegated hostas-no name

autumn joy sedum

stella de oro daylilies

I may have some little business daylilies

lentern rose- royal heritage

iris-purple bearded two tone

iris-yellow bearded

hanging basket-spider babies

brugmancia- yellow

I have started the purple people eater brugmancia but who knows I was too busy to bring them in the house.

I have several cuttings of my tropical plants- avocados,angel winged begonias, thai basil, philadendron.

Are cuttings of night blooming Cereus easy to start? my plant is so big I have a hard time bringing it inside/outside. I would like to have some for the swap.

Rose of sharon seeds-blue/red center. Dianthus "firewitch".

some vegggie seeds.

A friend gave me some seeds of what she believes is a brugmancia-white flower; the seed pod is covered with spines like a dried thistle head, any idea if it is a brugmancia? any help is appreciated.


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Which swap? Without mentioning which swap you are talking about (and preferably in the title of your post) most won't know which of the three main swaps (or maybe even another swap) you are talking about.

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heathersgarden(6b/7a Mid TN)

I can help with the ID of the last one - the Datura wrightii or Sacred Datura does indeed have huge brugmansia like flowers. Each plant can produce hundreds if not thousands of seeds. I actually spent alot of time last summer deadheading mine. Really nice plant that gets huge and tropical looking in very little time.

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sweet: I would love to have a cutting or two of your Avocado plants, please! =) Are they easy to propogate from cuttings?

- Steve

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Just FYI, your 'purple people eater' isn't a brugmansia, it's a datura. A close cousin to brugmansia, you might say. (*grin*)

Are your Lenten roses seedlings, or divisions? Someone brought some seedlings a couple of years back, and I got a WONDERFUL dark purple I hope to get seeds from this year. Any tips on starting them?

Will you be bringing any of your Anthony Waterer spirea?

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Nice list - anything in particular you are looking for? I see several things I would like - in particular the Angel Wing Begonia, Thai Basil, Lenten Rose and Purple People Eater.


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heathersgarden(6b/7a Mid TN)

Sounds like we're all MTPS folks here.

I'd be really interested in Little Business daylily. Does anyone know how Dianthus "firewitch" would look with standard knockout roses? I know the knockouts aren't a true red, more of a cool magenta, and I'm wondering if the dianthus would harmonize or look too purply pink next to them? A quick google shows about 80 different shades of pink and is no help at all:(

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I am thinking MT swap.
Thanks Heather for the ID now I can get started planting them. About the daylilies sure thing I can bring you some.
Steve the avocados are seedlings I started from seeds they are about 12" tall or so and I can bring them.
Msbatt the lenten rose are divisions and I am bringing the anthony waterer.
Tiffany the angel begonia is about 6 inches tall; the purple people eater I have seeds in pots waiting for sprouting little ones, If I get any to sprout I will be bringing some.
I am not getting the posts email to me I don't know why
I am looking for
caroline jasmine
lili of the valley
equinacea any color
bleeding heart any color
maiden fern or other(no male fern)
zebra grass or other grasses
heucheras(not green)

pretty much anything that can stay out in the winter for I don't want to be bringing them inside. my husband is not happy lifting 30 gallon containers anymore. I guess we are both getting old and want things easier.

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heathersgarden(6b/7a Mid TN)

I wasn't getting my emails either; as I was investigating, I noticed that my email link was missing from my member page as well. Apparently GW had an update or something. I went to where you edit your preferences and I had to reselect the box marked "Allow other users to send you email via forms at our site." Once you do that you will start to receive the follow up postings.

Ooh thank you for the daylilies!!! I can bring you a few lily of the valley. I just started my little collection so I don't have many. I thought they were supposed to multiply like wildfire, but so far not me.

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I have TONS of lily of the valley---I'll bring some,too.

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sweet: Awesome, thanks! =) Any veggies you're looking for? If not, you can have first pick of the others I bring.

- Steve

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