Carrots in SFG Bed

kwilliam10July 22, 2010

Hi all,

Another issue for any experts that have some time. As I indicated in my previous post...I am new to SFG'ng. I eagerly created two 4'x4' beds, and planted 3 squares of Bush Bean, two squares of different pumpkins (small pie pumpkins and the decorative small pumpkins), and two squares of short carrots. I followed some advice on this forum, and used a kitchen paper towel and flour/water paste to create seed mats. I created 4 mats total...but only laid two in my bed (the other two I plan/planned on setting this weeked). All this was done almost 3 weeks ago. Here are my beds:

Just after planting:

And last weekend:

The bush beans are doing fantastic. The pumpkins are doing great. carrots yet. Nothing. No sprouts...nary a sign. Was I wrong to use the papertowel seed mat? Is it normal to take this long? The seed pouch said about 14 days. It is almost 21.

Thanks for any advice.


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I tried carrots for the first time this year. I am positive I did some things incorrectly with them. (spacing, thinning them out etc) I used kleenex for my seed mat. What I can tell you is that mine took a really long time to germinate too. Not sure if it has to do with the seed mat, not enough moisture, the soil or what. They did eventually grow...though they didn't taste on par with what can be bought at the grocery store.

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eaglesgarden(6b - se PA)

3 weeks for germination of carrots is not outside the realm of "normal". I've had that before. It's on the long side, but it's reasonable.

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For most of us carrots are hard to start. Keep it up one square at a time you will get the hang of it.
try covering with a board next time If no board is used water the bed , like once or twice a day with a fine spry until carrots are a week ore two old . Marzy my carrots are just as good or better then store bought. And I like store bought

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