What's wrong with my tomato plants, and how do I fix it?

Dan_in_TXMay 12, 2013

Title says it all, along with the photos. How do I fix whatever this is?

Watering is done from 1/2" PVC attached to the sides of the bed with 1/16" holes drilled in it. The pressure is adjusted so the water shoots only as far as the base of the plants, so the leaves are not getting wet. Even though we've had some rain recently, here in San Antonio we don't get much as a whole. It's been warm, bright, and relatively dry.

Overview pictures - too close together? From 2013 Garden

From 2013 Garden

Tomato Detail:

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Some looks like disease - If so, likely needs more air circulation

Some looks like ran short of water. Lots of possible reasons to investigate for that.

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