Please help! My tomato seedlings are dying (frost and cold issue)

NeedoJanuary 9, 2014

I am first time growing tomatoes and seedlings were very good till yesterday. Seeding age was about 35 days ( from 5th December).

I am growing seedlings in the field under a plastic tunnel. However the tunnel structure was not very good, and there were patches on it where frost and water was accumulating over it. Yesterday there was a shower/rain in evening and then at night lot of frost and it was very cold. The water got accumulated over the plastic sheet over the seedlings ( tunnel height about 18 inches from the ground). At the night the water got frozen due to the cold and frost and in morning when I visited, there was ice cubes over the plastic sheet. I removed the water and ice, and tomato seedlings were looking a bit sick and leaves started dropping.

During day time it was sunny and heat build up under plastic sheet, when i checked the seedlings at noon those were rotting and leaves started to turn brown and burnt. :(

Till evening leaves of 90% of seedlings are damaged and only stem is remaining. Any advice what to do?

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Even if you could rescue those seedlings, they will not develop into vigorous plants. Though I doubt that they can be rescued as you have described.

I would start anew.

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Agreed. Tomato plants are very fragile and even if you manage to "heal them up" the stress has caused serious development problems which probably will lead to stunted growth, low flowering and few fruits. If I were you I'd re-germinate now and keep them in your house until you can properly harden them off. If you can't keep your ambient temperatures within your hoop house at least 40F, I wouldn't bother trying to grow tomatoes with them.


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