MTPS: Anyone want oak tree seedlings?

connietnApril 30, 2010

Last year was apparently a bumper crop of acorns, because I have these coming up everywhere!

I don't know what kind of oak it is, and I'm not really great with tree identification, but I'm going to guess Pin Oak? I'll take photos if anyone wants. Our house was built in 1988, and the tree was put in then (everyone has one). It's about 30-40 ft tall now, or something like that. Has a conical shape.

Let me know - I have some I'm holding in case anyone wants them. If not, I'm throwing them away. :D

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novice_2009(zone 6b)

connie, me too!
went to get veggie garden ready for spring...pulling up small weeds...and guess what?
Some seedlings attached to acorns! Hadn't seen that before.
We did have alot drop from the tree, although it didn't keep the squirrels away from my feeders!

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Same for me novice, and I had never seen them attached to acorns either! Pretty cool :)

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