Fall SFG

ournewhouseinlaJuly 19, 2010

We had a small sfg for our 7 year old son. It was a great first time experience. Now it is time to take down the tomatoes and cucumbers.

Is there anything to plant now for the fall?

Or wait till next spring?



This is a picture from the beginning.


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eaglesgarden(6b - se PA)

Most definitely plant for the fall! What to plant? Anything that you grow early in spring usually works well in the fall, as well, in some cases, even better.

Root crops are a great option (generally these will be far sweeter after getting nipped by a light frost): carrots, rutabaga, parsnips, beets, etc.
Cole crops: cabbage, broccoli, etc.
Greens: spinach, lettuce, escarole, endive, etc.

Just some quick thoughts.

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Thanks for being so quick.

To make sure we do it right, first we need to remove everything, mix up & add more soil, then plant.


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eaglesgarden(6b - se PA)

The beauty of SFG is that you only have to take out the plants that are finished producing. If something is still producing well, you don't need to remove it. Just be careful removing the plants around it. Then, add more compost (and gently mix) to the squares you are replanting. There is no need to go crazy and remove everything and till it up or even add "soil". Just add some more organic material (maybe a little fertilizer as well), and then replant with the seeds/transplants of your choice.

If I were you I would OVERPLANT lettuce. Plant 16 to a square, and then pull the plants and eat them as they grow larger, and leave the four to grow to full-size.





The X's you plant and harvest as they get larger. The O's remain to full size. These can be a little close to the edges, so plant a little closer than a true 16 to a square spacing. The lettuce will be fine, and you'll get more salads from the same space, without having to try to harvest outer leaves as much.

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chudak(10 San Diego)

I'm in Zone 10 so we rarely ever get frost...just cool weather all winter (40's and 50's at night).

I regularly plant lettuce, spinach and other salad greens as well as beets, peas, kale and chard.

I've had horrible luck with cole crops--they get destroyed by aphids, especially the broccoli. If I try them again I'll have to be vigilent with the spraying.

I'll probably add some other root veggies this year as well (rutabegas, turnips, parsnips) since I have about 90 sq feet of raised beds to fill.

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When you folks plant fall crops, do you direct seed, or start indoors like you would in spring? I'm thinking lettuce, spinach,carrots etc.......

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thinks; No not inside no reason to. I start in pots way before a space is open or direct sow faster maturing crops. An empty square makes a great nursery,or just use the space around a growing plant for starting seedlings for transplanting


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Thanks Curt!

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chudak(10 San Diego)

I direct seed almost everything. Only things I buy (or start from seed) are tomatoes and peppers.

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