Is the IMF interfering with us politics

labrea_gwJuly 3, 2012

Will the come back be hostile to fern-ers interfering in the US elections & the US economy or a big Duh I'm waiting for a sound byte to repeat.

Who does she thing she is with this stuff?

"The fiscal cliff and other spending cutbacks would not only stunt U.S. growth but also have "significant spillover effects" on the global economy,

Here is a link that might be useful: Suggestion box

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Meh, she's just another French Socialist surrender-something, and who cares what anybody thinks when we got the biggest military in the world?

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The "fiscal cliff" is a very serious issue, one that could very well thrust the US back into a deep recession while hugely increasing personal income taxes , decimating spending on social AND defense spending......but hey it's more important to argue about whether the "whatever" fine is a tax or penalty.

My bet is most Americans haven't a clue with regards to the fiscal mess that Dec 31st is set to bring them....

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Shes kind of asking us to just say no to the Ryan gambit.

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The IMF interferes with EVERYBODY's politics, US is lucky to be low on that list, relatively. Time to eliminate all the Bretton Woods institutions, imo. WB/IMF monetary policies are the root of much evil, we never needed a temporary post-WW2 institution to become the unelected decision maker of all global economic issues in the 21st century anyway.

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I heard a very in-depth interview with Christine Lagarde last night on The New Hour and what she said made a lot of sense. She warned about reducing our debt at the expense of the growth of the economy - this is not a new concept.

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