Spots on leaves after too much rain

carolsewzitMay 7, 2011

We had a very wet season this spring. I have my plants in a raised bed. It rained so much that water was standing in the bed like a lake. It drained but then more rain ,more standing water. The bed drains well under normal conditions. Anyway I am seeing brown and yellow spots on the leaves now. The plants are still small. My question is should I just replace the plants or treat the existing ones. If its a disease I don't want it to spread. Anyone have any recommendations.

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Tomato plants hate soggy soil and that will cause the leaves to yellow and brown. It doesn't sound like disease.

Are the beds still soggy? If so, you may need move the plants (or get new ones). It would depend on the degree of damage to the plants, how quickly the soil dries out, what the chances are of this happening again, etc.

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