Can anyone I.D. this critter?

nancysil(z6 New Engl)May 29, 2006

This afternoon I noticed I had one of these bugs on each tomato plant (bugs are now removed) and the leaves have little holes in them. I can't actually see them chewing but they are the likely suspect. I've never seen these critter (or noticed them) until last year and then I didn't see them on my plants. The look like have little bear skin rugs on a clear shell. Also they fly.

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nancysil(z6 New Engl)

After a few hours of searching the web I finally am pretty certain I'm dealing with the Tortise Beetle. This is supposed to feed on morning glory plants and its cousins. Why would it be on my tomatoes? Anyone have any experience with this?

I found only one brief reference from a Maine gardening journal from 1999 which mentioned tomato plants had been damaged by tortise beetles. No real details given.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Good detective work!

I'll leave management up to someone else, because I've never had them. But if you only have a few, flick them into slightly soapy water.

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