Tomato plant leaves are looking bleached out.

shawna_2008May 8, 2008

My husband and I planted our garden last weekend. We haven't had much rain its been pretty sunny. Our tomato plant leaves are looking bleached out. Is this okay?? What is wrong with them. HELP!!! This is our first garden. Thank you.


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Probably just sunburn, the new growth should look fine. If you didn't harden them off properly the tender leaves will burn in the sun and turn white. If they start wilting you need to water them (if you haven't had a lot of rain)they will also wilt from too much water.Theresa

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Three days ago, I transplanted 15 tall, healthy plants (each a different variety) from 3" pots and into raised rows and full sun. I gave them all a shot of "Miracle Grow for Tomatoes" last night, and this morning the leaves are bleached out on almost every plant. I don't think the M.G. has anything to do with the trouble. Instead, I think the trouble is one of two things: cold damage or sunburn (or both).

1. The temperature dropped to the lower fifties a few nights last week (even though it's June in Missouri). 2. Before transplanting, the plants were in 100% shade for a week. I think the transition to 100% sun might have caused the discoloration.

I'll make a follow up post with what eventually happens.

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