What is this bug on my tomatoes

bluegarden1(8b)May 8, 2005

They are covering the tomatoes.

Image link:

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teresa_in_md(z7 MD)

They look like squash bug (or leaffooted bug) nymphs. See the attached link. Others here on the forum can tell you how to best get rid of them.


Here is a link that might be useful: nymph photo

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drewlane(Austin TX)

Yep, I had those last year.

They are squash bugs (some people call them stink bugs).

You need to take care of this immediately.

They will poke little holes in the tomatoes and discolor them.

I used Rotenone-Pyrethrins spray last year. Works well, but they will keep coming back.

So far, haven't seen any here yet (crossing fingers).


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robolink(z7 OK)

Came across this link in doing a little research on assassin bugs. Aren't the nymphs you showed actually assassin bugs rather than squash bugs? And aren't assassin bugs supposed to be good for our gardens?

I did a Google image search on assassin nymphs and then again on stink bug nymphs.

What do you think?

Where I live we deal with squash bugs and I KNOW what those nymphs look like. But I've let those little red ones live thinking they are assassin nymphs.

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Robolink--I agree that there is a type of assassin that does look similar--but when they congregate in groups and you have seen mature leaf-footed bugs those red v-shaped bodies are the nymphs of leaf-footed bug.

It is not supposed to be easy to control stinkbugs, leaf-footed bugs, and squash bugs once they are adults.
The link below does list some insecticides. I was getting good at capturing lots of stinkbugs at once by putting a plastic baggy over one of their little community meetings ,where they all gather together to decide how to go about sucking on my tomatoes, then I would kind -of shake them into the bag. I also caught the some adults that way. I think on leaf-footed bugs I also tried pyrethrin only right on them when I saw them, not over all the plants.

Thinking about getting one of those cheap insect vacuum cleaners as I am sure it would work great on these guys. Sort of like the kind you vacuum keyboards with I guess.

By the way, on that particular type of LFB their eggs are supposed to be pearly or gold--I look for them but have never seen them. They probably reproduce in weeds and then fly on over.

Here is a link that might be useful: Insects on Tomatoes

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back_in_texas(z7/8 TX DFW)

I just found these same bugs on my tomatoes. Does anyone know a good way to get rid of them? If you use the Rotenone-Pyrethrins spray can you still eat the tomatoes? The vacuum thing sounds like a good idea.

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I agree with the leaf-footed bug diagnosis (grin). My new pest control method for squash bugs, harlequin bugs, leaf-footed bugs, cuke beetles, and the like is the Dirt Devil Scorpion cordless vac. It has an extending nozzle and has enough suction to pull them into it. After I get through vacuuming up bugs, I dump them all from the cannister into a pail of soapy water. It's the best method I've come up with and avoids pesticides which I won't normally use because I keep bees. Try it sometime. It really works, and it's cheap.
Mrs H

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junequilt(z8 SC)

I battle leaffooted bugs the organic way by cutting them in half with scissors. The nymphs don't move very quickly and the adults are easy to get when they're mating (does this fall into the "what a way to go!" category?).

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I was using a homemade solution of soap, water and garlic. This was no match for these pests especially when they had their meetings and were all over my tomato plants. I used another insecticidal soap under the brand name Garden Safe. It killed on contact and so far so good.

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I have bugs on tomatoe plants they look like little bumps in the leaf not on the leafs. making the leaves turn yellow and curl up. what is it and how do I get rid of it?

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We have little black bugs drilling holes in the tomatoes and eating them.

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For those nasty Leaffooted beetles, I use Medina Orange Oil. I put only a capful in a large squirt bottle and fill with water. Squirt it directly on them and they become dehydrated and die. It will kill any insect you get it on the same way, even the good ones, so be careful not to shoot them. It's organic and biodegradeable and you can buy it on Amazon. I have to go out every morning and evening and shoot them where they cluster. This is the second year we have had such a problem with them. Don't spray during the heat of the day or it will cause your plants to burn.

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Assassin bug nymphs - GREAT beneficial insects to have.
But they can feed on other beneficials as well.

The insect world is a rough place.

Here is a link that might be useful: Assassin bugs

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