Feeding your plants during the year

lowraineJuly 25, 2009

I need to fertilize my garden and was considering 10/10/10 as my choice. I know you would mix it into the soil at the start of the planting stage but how would I use it when the plants are in the middle of their growing stage?

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Maybe I need to post this differently. What ways do others use to fertilize their garden when there is a plant in one of the squares? I have used Miraclegrow and was considering something else. I, like others, feel that the mixture, though good, isn't enough to last the plants through their entire growing season.

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I just use miracle grow like you said. It seems to work fine for me. Between seasons I add more compost which should take care of most of the nutrient needs.

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rj_hythloday(8A VA)

I've used a composted chicken litter pellets, I use tomato tone for my toms. I've also used espoma garden tone. Some things like peppers are supposedly better of unfertilized.

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susancol(7 Atlanta)

I'm not an expert in this area at all. But based on my readings here at the Forum, I understand that some folks side-dress fertilizer - this is usually a one time application after initial planting - maybe around fruiting time - for example. To side dress, as I understand it, means to dig a little trench to the side of the plant - far enough away to not disturb the roots too much, and Mix the fert into that soil.

Otherwise, many seem to rely on foliar feed, where they take a water soluable fert, like Miracle Grow, or Fish Emulsion, or seaweed solution or some such, and spray it directly onto the plants leaves and the soil. It's apparently best to do this in the morning, before the sun is so hot that the water droplets form a magnifying glass and burn your leaves, but not at night, where the water droplets would not evaporate and standing water could lead to foliar disease or fungus problems. I believe most do this every other week, but I've also heard some say weekly.

Someone feel free to correct me if I've mistated anything.
Hope this helps, Lowraine!

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Yes, Susan, that does help. I spoke with my son-in-law recently and he says he spreads time release pellets around the plants. I know without a doubt that my sfg will need extra food as the summer goes along. It seems to be at a stand still as of now. A compost bin didn't work for me so that wasn't a help.

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I side dress with a bit of home made compost. Saves me a ton of money every year too.

Lowraine, why didn't your compost bin work out for you?

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I side dress with compost, make and use compost tea, and if they really need some food I'll use fish emulsion.

Miracle Grow = collection of manmade chemicals from petroleum that make your veggies taste like a collection of manmade chemicals from petroleum. Go organic! It's a little more expensive but worth it to your body and our planet!

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gardener_mary(6 MA)

I use the organic fertilizer recipes from the original SFG book. I mix it sparingly with shredded hay and homemade compost and use it as a mulch around plants. The worms seem to love it and carry it into the ground to feed the plants. It adds needed organic matter into the soil, holds in moisture and holds back weeds. I believe if you take care of and feed the soil, the soil will feed the plants.

Good gardening, Mary

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My first year with SFG and like everyone else the plants stalled. First I tried garden tone then blood meal. Nothing happened. Then I worked the bloodmeal into the soil around the roots with a claw and voila, plants started to grow and get green. It was organic bloodmeal from miraclegrow and is supposed to be just nitrogen.

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This may have been asked and answered elsewhere ad nausium, but to be honest, I've never seen it.

Q: when you mix up a liquid fert. how much does each plant get? It's clear to me how much time release, or granular fert. (so much per ft)

But how does it convert to a liquid amount?

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