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lisa0323(6)July 2, 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new to this site and very new to the idea of Square Foot Gardening. Right now I have alot of flowers scattered throughout the perimeter of my front and back yards. I've been given lots and lots of single fans of different daylilies. I also have some other flowers. The problem is they are all spaced out so much that they don't look too great. Plus weeding all these beds are making me crazy!!! So I was thinking about maybe trying the SQF idea but just using it for my daylilies and various flowers. Does anyone have any advice on this? How closely could I plant my single fan daylilies? I would love for my area to look nice and full right now instead of waiting years for it to fill in. Plus only weeding a few SQF areas would be so much better! Thanks for the advice.


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No boubt the daylilies will fill in the space in a few years, I am getting ready to divide and move mine. It sure seems like allot of work. I would suggest a fast growing ground cover to fill up the space the weeds are enjoying. I love creeping jenny(shade) or phlox in any color.

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