some advice for newbies

homeendJuly 29, 2011

4 words : read the book first

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I did - cover to cover. I then started reading this forum and discovered that some of what is in the book doesn't work for everyone in every situation. That is why I asked for some feedback on my plan.

Advice to you in 3 words: don't make assumptions

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erin4 those that complain the book does not work usaully are not following it correctly. which square foot book there have been 4.

Since have not provide any these so called situation I assume you still understand correctly.

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What book??? .. I'm sorry homeend. You are such a charmer. :-)

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There are so many helpful members here on this forum but the ones like homeend are what sent me packing to a different forum that is more friendly toward newbies when I have questions.

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erin4....Glad to see you holding up for yourself. On a forum like this, you encounter all kinds of people. Some you have to ignore, the rest you can communicate with rather easily.

Gardening is not a life or death situation :) (the plants might not agree) so dig in, get dirty and enjoy yourself. You are bound to make mistakes but picking that first tomato or squash will make everything all right.

It won't take long for you to know who the knowledgeable people are on here.


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