Got the wood for my beds... yeeha!

bethoJuly 23, 2008

OK so I have no SFG as of yet, but I just got the wood for my beds yesterday! Talk about a score - it won't be trly "SFG" since the beds won't be even feet but the price I couldn't pass up. I got 130 1x6 cedar boards that are 2.5' long plus 70 cedar stakes to build them with, delivered, for $75. Craigslist rules! So I'll basically be able to have around 185 square feet with the wood that I got... the boards are really nice and I am super excited.

Now, if I could only get the approval from my landlord to put in the garden... lol. They gave me a verbal "Yeah that would probably be ok" but I haven't gotten an official response yet. I don't want to start building the beds until I get that official response...

So I guess I'll just start dreaming up what I'll be planting next year. Since I'm 8 months pregnant and it's so late in the year I don't think I'll do much growing at this point, though I'll probably do garlic in the fall.

It's going to be kind of interesting to figure out the spacing for those extra half-foot blocks - a couple of my beds will be 7.5x3.75 so the block sizes will be different :) But at that price, I just couldn't pass it up.

Anyway I am just really excited so I wanted to post about it! lol

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

You definitely got a great deal! If you need any help with construction/spacing/etc...just ask, and we'll be glad to help you. Also, good luck with your upcoming "bundle of joy" Take care


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congradulations on the baby!! and on your wood that you got!! that's an awesome price for that!! :') ya, i'd definately wait for written permission! good luck!! ~Medo :')

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Awesome! It is so exciting to get started. I bet it is hard to wait for that approval.
Mine aren't perfect SF either, my 4x4's are actually 4x3'10". Something in the math was off there but when you look at the squares you can't even tell. I haven't heard the veggies complain yet! :)

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Just a thought but if you have a saw, or can get someone to cut the wood for you, cut one foot of every other board and use it to join two of the boards.

Example: If you put two boards end to end, they are 5' long, cut off one foot and use 1" screws to screw that 1' piece to join the other two boards giving you a 4' board. You could end up with 16 4x4 squares if you do this right. It should be easy, someone with a chop saw could cut these boards for you in under 10 minutes and joining the boards would be easy with a cordless drill. That way you will not have to get creative with your layout.

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