help! termites eating my seedlings!

bluemater(z5 IL)May 5, 2010

AHHHHHH! Termites are in my raised bed and they are killing my heirloom seedlings!

Has anyone had this problem?? What can I use that won't poison my soil and plants?

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Termites chew on dead wood, not live plants.

Can you post pictures of your varmints?

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bluemater(z5 IL)

jean...that's what I thought too! I will be taking pictures but google it and you'll see I'm not alone...

The termite extermination company that's coming on Monday said they'll eat any plant...

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I have to doubt that. I just disposed of rotted wood from a raised tomato bed that had collapsed from termite damage over the Winter. It was a-crawlin' with them little boogers. I had been growing lush tomato plants in there for years and fully expect the other beds made at about the same time from the same material will similarly give out this season or the next, and termites will be present. Also want to note there were no termites in the soil that I saw when I shoveled all of it away from the site. They were very visible in the half-rotted timbers, though, and seemed content to remain ensconced there. I have zero concern about the termites in wood bothering my plants. Remember, exterminators are selling extermination services. Your fears are good for business.

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