Suggestions for Figs, blueberries and raspberries?

cleo1717(z7 TN)April 12, 2006

I live in Knoxville and I'm looking to add a fig tree, several blueberry bushes and some autumn bearing raspberries to my back yard. I live in the city so I have to be selective about what I put in. My yard can only hold so much. :-) Can anyone tell me what varieties they've tried? I'd like the blueberries to be under 6 feet tall and if they're evergreen, that would be even better. Sunshine Blue is one kind I'm looking at. And as far as figs go, I've read on the net how to care for them but other than that, I know nothing about them. I don't even know if I'll like them because I've never been able to find fresh figs around here to try!

PS - And if anyone knows of a good plum to try, I'd love to hear that as well. Several professionals I've talked to have discouraged me from growing them saying that they don't do well here. I don't really understand that because my grandmother in Nashville had a plum tree in her yard and it did great without any care.

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amazindirt(7A mid-TN)

Hiya Cleo!

I'm in Knoxville too. I got some figs in a trade a couple of years ago. They were *supposed* to be half Celeste, and half Brown Turkey. Unfortunately, they're all actually the same -- and I don't know which they are! Celeste, Brown Turkey, Tennessee Mountain Fig, and Chicago Hardy are reported to be some of the toughest -- so I'd recommend trying them first. HOWEVER, I think you'll have luck with many different types of figs in Knoxville. I know one very large local private garden that has several varieties -- all doing great. I'm rooting a bunch of new figs right now. If they take, you're welcome to some of them -- but no guarantees!

As for blueberries -- I've got several types. They have all done fine for me. Just plant some and have fun!

As for plums -- I just bought my first plums last fall. So far, so good. I am NOT a plum expert by any means. LOL. My folks have plums in Nashville as well -- and they usually either freeze or drop their fruit before ripening. I'm hoping mine do better!

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farmerbell(6b TN)

As for raspberries, I grow a red one called 'Heritage'. Great raspberry flavor with a small crop in early summer on old canes and a big crop in the fall on new canes.

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cleo1717(z7 TN)

What types of blueberries are you growing? Northern Highbush Type, Southern Highbush Type or Rabbiteye Type?

My grandmother's plum always had lots of fruit on it. I don't have the money this season to add a plum tree but when I do, I'd like to get one that has two or three different varieties grafted on it.

I'm off to plant my artichoke seedlings. I'm hoping I might get lucky and they'll make it through the winter with a heavy mulch. :-)

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Soeur(z6b TN)

I grow all three types of blueberries you name.

Northern Highbush I've had good luck with Berkeley, Bluecrop, and Patriot. I also grow a hybrid, not sure which class it falls into, called Sunshine Blue. I've seen this one listed as No. Highbush and So. Highbush. Whatever. It's a nice plant.

Southern Highbush I've got Ozarkblue and South Moon.

Rabitteye, Climax and Tifblue.

All are in raised beds with amended soil, since my native dirt isn't acid enough.

Ann, do you have to water your Heritage raspberries over the summer to get a fall crop? Somebody told me that fall bearers need extra water in our typical TN late summer droughts.


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farmerbell(6b TN)

Marty, the 'Heritage' raspberries do much better with moisture, but I only watered 2-3 times all of last summer and still would have had a good crop...except for a couple of things. BIRDS and JAPANESE BEETLES. I used bird netting to keep the birds out and let insects get in to pollinate the blossoms, but that also allowed the beetles to feast and feast. Birds still crawled under the netting. If I use ultra-fine netting, I'm afraid the blossoms won't get pollinated. What to do????


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not sure on plums or rasberries, but with blueberries I looked them up cause I thought I had one in backyard, unfortunately not.

From what i read, they need a highly acidic soil, but i guess that depends on what kind you buy, but if you can get the soil just right, I would plant alot of them, because the birds are going to eat them. This I read all over the place. The plants are also beautiful in the fall, they turn bright red, beautiful. Good luck.
Blueberries are excellent for reducing blood pressure and cholesterol because they clean your blood out. I am also tired of trying to buy them at the store because they are too expensive, $4 for one tiny tray of blueberries is rediculous.

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