Cement block/cinder block frame

wonderpets(7 TN)July 19, 2013

Three or four years ago, my husband built me a test bed to see how serious I was about the gardening. We added two more since then, though one of those was torn down this year due to rotted wood.

Since it's too hot to do much outside besides the minimum maintenance, I'm already thinking about next year. :) We are going to be rebuilding and adding new beds for next year. Also, we're looking at doing some drip irrigation systems for next year.

I'm looking for recommendations on this, plus just general help in making some decisions.

I'm short, so the interior of the beds would not exceed three feet in width. I grow tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, peppers, and will probably be branching out to lettuces, kale, etc.

I was looking at these different products:
8x8x16 cinder blocks
8x4x16 solid cinder blocks
8x4x16 traditional blocks
8x12x16 cinder blocks

If I were to plant in the holes, it would only be ever fourth one or so, to give me room to sit. And I'm not to keen on the 12" ones, because of the added size of the bed.

What am I missing? I'm sure I've not considered about a gazillion variables yet. Of course, that's part of the fun.


Here is a link that might be useful: Block Specs

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I've seen some really nice cinderblock raised beds. They do not deteriorate over time like wood ones, although some wood-sided garden can last a while. Small herb are good to plant in the holes, or you could go with marigolds and nasturtiums to add some color. The one in the photo has been finished off on top (obviously), but I've seen others that had open block on top for small plants.

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I have several beds made from cinder blocks. If you want to sit on them, I would suggest 8x8x16. I have mine at different levels. Some are just one level, mainly for a divider between plants and pathway. Most are two high, easy to sit on and reach into. I also have a few that are three high, great for potatoes, as I can take the blocks off to get to the potatoes easier. Cattle panels are great from one bed to the other. i have grown pie pumkins on them. but now have dedicated them to my tomatoes. All of the garden is on a drip system and timer. Love my garden!

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I used a mix of the traditional blocks and the 4x4x4 blocks.

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