My new garden helper! And Rabbit Poo?

crystabel(9)July 25, 2008

Meet Gandalf the White, my new garden helper. He's going to be giving me manure for the garden :)

Isn't he just the cutest???!!!

He's a french/english Angora and very sweet. He's also going to supply fiber for spinning.

Now, I have read many times that you can just mix the rabbit manure into the garden without composting it. So would I do that prior to planting seeds/seedlings? Just dig up the area and add some rabbit stuff then plant my seeds? Do you ever just go drop some rabbit poo on top of the soil and let it work its way in? I'm so new to all of this so it can be a bit confusing.


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in the soil forum they say compost it first, all poo. so ya might check with them. but your bunny is just adorable!! LOL and i bet that fur will be soooo soft and furry!! LOL ~Medo

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

Holy Moly! After you took the photo, did it's head turn all the way around - and say...GET OUT!!!!!! You might need to buy that little fellow some visine! LOL

Can't help you on the poo..


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Your new helper is beautiful! That brings back fond memories for me. I had a lop eared rabbit when I was a kid. I loved that bunny (violin music playing in the background) hehe. I remember my mother using the poo in her flower beds. She never composted it first, and I don't recall her having any issues doing that. However back then I had no interest in gardening so I probably wouldn't have noticed if she did. As medontdo suggested I would check at the Soil/Compost forum. I've also read somewhere about people setting up some kind of worm farm/vermicomposting underneath rabbit cages. So, that may be something you might try.

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fishymamas(z9, So. CA)

You can use it straight, no need to compost.
What we did here was buy yesterday's news litter and litterbox train Mocha & Latte, then once a week, dig a shallow hole ~ a foot deep, and dump the box in, rinse box, and replace. You can top dress (we do this with our lawn and run the mulching mower after). Bunny urine has a smell, the poo does not. The stuff that isn't in the sqft boxes (watermelons, gourds, fruit trees), gets a side dressing of poo. You can mix in poo when replanting a square, and when prepping the beds as well.

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Thanks fishymama :)

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Oops, hit the button too soon! :) Wish there was an edit feature LOL.

Thanks for the advice all! And no EG, he didn't spin his head around LOL!
I did search through the compost forum and it was about 50/50 on whether to compost it or not. The trouble I'm dealing with is seperating the poo from the dropped hay. I tried 1/4" hardware cloth but some marbles still fall through :) . Now I'm thinking of going the worm bin route and putting a bin under the cage and let the worms work it over for me. I might put some straight out and see how that works too.

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now that's a very smart idea!! :') WOW!! and HI fishymama!! haven't seen you in AGES!!!! (((HUGS))) :') ~Medo

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fishymamas(z9, So. CA)

I'm around medo, the chemo took most of my hair, and my daily "workout" is now walking to the garden to pick a few veggies. The flower gardens are a mess, and I hired a guy to keep it mowed and presentable. Evan has actully done most of the "work" this year with digging and such, but I think he's fine with that. Hopefully come fall I'll have the energy to get the rest of the garden started.

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