Cuore de Toro leaf problem

fraxerfoneMay 10, 2007

The lowest leaves of my Cuore de Toro tomato plants are thin, curling down and inward, and somewhat crispy. The leaves have black edges that appear moist. The lowest leaves are the worst, with the upper leaves starting to blacken at the edges.

These seeds were ordered online approximately 12 weeks ago; the plants are about 8 weeks old. Could this be some form of seed-borne blight? Or just a manifestation of something the plant "ingested"?

I fertilize with Neptune's Fish and Seaweed fertilizer, but have not fertilized for about 3 or 4 weeks, thinking that this was fertilizer burn. I do spray the leaves every few weeks with Terracycle Liquid Worm Poop. Also, I have or tomato varieties growing in close proximity and they are all in good health. Thank you for any information.

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