What's eating my tomatoes?

PattyInOC(9)May 20, 2013

See pictures of little holes I'm getting on my tomatoes. What is causing them? I don't see any bugs (besides a few spider webs across the cages) or worms on the plants.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

A small caterpillar took several bites then left.
It will ripen ok.

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Then left to visit and take little bites out of several other tomatoes... darn!

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MKSinSA(8 (S Central TX))

I just pulled one of my few developed tomatoes earlier today because a caterpillar had snacked on it. Wasn't sure if it would be okay to leave or not thinking it might be prone to diseases or other bugs. Yours doesn't look nearly as bad.

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I've left mine and it hasn't gotten any worse. I have a few others with similar "bites" though.

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I've had tomatoes look perfect until I pull them off the vines, then see that something has entered right underneath where the stems attach. I caught a worm in the act today. If you are seeing damage from caterpillars, there is likely other damage that is not visible yet.

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