Please Help (Possible Tomato Disease)

soulreaverMay 22, 2009

I have read about all the bacterial and viral infections and even looked at micronutrient deficencies and I cannot find anything that matches what I have seen on my plants. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me solve this problem as it has occured on about 50% of my total tomato crop.

The symptoms include the tomato leaf edges becoming brown and on some of them there are white cankers surrounded by brown leaf. The stems are unaffected and none of the leaves turn any shade of yellow or light green. Some of the tips have even turned black. It started at the lower leaves but spread to the top leaves too and it always starts with the tips of the leaves turning brown.

It eventually leads to all the leaves on a collector branch curling up and dying.

I grow organic and I feed my tomatoes blood meal, bone meal, kelp meal, corn meal, and organic lime. My soil ph is about 6.5.

I dont have a picture at the moment but could get one in a few days. Please someone help. Whatever this is it seems to be spreading.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Yes, please post your image.

The "problem" could be very simple, as in a brief water shortage.

And please fill in more details.

In the ground or pots?

If pots, outdoors or indoors?

If outdoors, how long ago did you put them outdoors?

And anything else you can think of.

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They were all started in pots in mid april. The potting mix is my own and it is 1 part peat 1 part vermiculite 1 part perlite. The pots are 2 gallon. I have begun transplanting them into the ground. I live in RI btw.

I admit that I have left them outside in the hot sun in the pots and that some of them have dried out before. I just don't have the time right now between trying to sell my plants and trying to til my yard to get the plants in the ground. I water them once a day but I know it should probably be 2. I did not harden them off but the worst temp that any of them experienced was 45 and they were covered and it was only 2-3 nights at different times.

Thanks for your time and help.

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can anyone reply with some possible answers please? I am pretty desperate right now. I cant get pictures at the moment but i can give as much of a description as is possible if you need to know anything else about the plants. Thanks to whoever helps.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Well, it sounds like environmental stress-- combo of one or more excess light; too little, or erratic, moisture; wind.

And that's my best guess without seeing your images.

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