Bone Dry Mix

rjingaJuly 3, 2009

It seems that no matter how much I water (set sprinkler the other night for over an hour, and already the containers are bone dry. so dry they are pulling away from the sides, needless to say the strawberries I have in there are all dying.

I just cant water these 3 beds every day, so I guess I'm going to come up with another plan.

Any suggestions?

My mix is a combo of compost, potting mix, perlite, and spagnum peat moss.

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Did you soak your peat moss before you mixed it in? That stuff tends to need to be totally saturated to do it's job right.

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I guess I should have added that this is NOT a new bed, it's 2 years in use now. And I did add more compost and potting mix before planting this year. I'm considering moving it all out and starting over.

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You might try giving it a thorough watering (make sure it's moist down in the root zone) and mulching with something that will break down prety easily like straw, shredded leaves, etc. Maybe that will help hold the moisture in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tales of a Transplanted Gardener

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rjinga, my beds are drying out very fast as well with this heat and humidity. I can only imagine it's worse in middle GA. Perhaps it's just going to be a summer thing?

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

I'm with greenbean. If you are overhead watering, switch to a soaker hose or something and mulch.


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tabor and i filled all of the beds with straw, and the bottom of them are staying moist, but of course, we have been throwing worms in there all the time. LOL we go out and turn over logs, rocks and whatever we can to find them. in the winter, i'm going to add the cornmeal to the beds so they will make lots of babies!! (in the spring) LOL of course this all in my mind, how it will work!! **grin** LOL

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