Southern U.S. Diagnostic Help*****

farkee(Florida)June 12, 2005

I thought it might be of help to outline the Diagnostic Plant Pathology Help that is available through Cooperative Extensions in your state. Extensions in turn may offer LOW COST Lab Analysis through their land-grant university partner.

I was going to go state by state and realized it was too daunting of a job to find everything and then I found this site for the Southern Region of the US.

Here is a comprehensive site for the Southern Region US:


Here is just a sample of the information I found about NC.


North Carolina residents can send digital photographs to Univ. of NC Plant Pathology Dept/extension for a free analysis. Better yet, you can submit a sample for $10.

Digital Photo Analysis (free):

Sample Analysis:

NC Extension offices:

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If you find out info about your state and want to add it here or if you want to start another thread about another region of the U.S. please do so. It is amazing that for as little as $10 you may be able to get professional help for disease problems that you haven't been able to figure out for yourself. If this thread falls by the wayside you might just want to bookmark the above link for future reference. (Good luck with your garden.)

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