stems growing in spirals

elc11(sunset z24 SD CA)June 14, 2005

Two of my tomato plants have some spiraling growth at the top of some stems. Otherwise the plants look very healthy. It seems to have developed within the last couple of days (all of my tomatoes are having a tremendous growth spurt right now). Does anyone know what could cause this and is it a problem?

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elc11(sunset z24 SD CA)

I should add that the "growth spurt" is mainly heavy foliage, probably due to high nitrogen in my soil (tilled in aged manure and mushroom compost last fall)

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elc11(sunset z24 SD CA)

Mystery solved. My local garden center says that it is caused by watering the tomatoes too often, to let them dry out between waterings. Interesting that only one variety shows this symptom but I'm just happy that it is not a disease.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Any update, b/c spiral stems I don't know as a symptom of overwatering.Wilting and foliage turning yellow, but not spiral stems


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