Patio tomato-needs help

Auntie_Clara(z5 NE)June 26, 2005

My little sister brought her patio tomatoes for me to take care of while she is out of town. These are to be grown in containers and they are in their original green pots from the nursery. The lower leaves are turning yellow and withering. My boss told me that this means they have too much moisture so I allowed them to dry out between watering. I have seen no improvement and the problem is getting worse. What should I do? Should I pot them in a larger container? If so, do I use top soil or potting soil? I am afraid these are going to die on me. They are in full sun. Your help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Yes, for God's sake, get them into a bigger container as soon as possible. Don't use your own garden soil, go buy some really good (don't buy cheap) potting mix. I plant my pot tomatoes in 15 gallon containers, but since Patio is a dwarf plant, you could probably get away with a smaller container. I'd like to see 10 gallon, but if all you've got is a 5 gallon, then make sure it gets watered every single day. When it's hot, I water my pot tomatoes every morning.

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Auntie_Clara(z5 NE)

Thanks for your advice. I repotted them with really good soil and they look better all ready. Thanks again!

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mcav0y(z3/4 Anchorage)

To make a long story short, when tranplanting seedings, I mistakenly transplanted a tomato plant (sub-artic 24) into a very small (4" diameter indoor pot) Once I realized this, I figured that I would see how it would do indoors. It had a nitrogen deficency (identified thanks to that color photo nutrient deficiency link!!!!). The plant is green again :)
Now this plant only has about 6 branches, but is about 18" tall. I can just barely see baby buds forming on the canopy. Can I transplant it into a bigger pot?
Next question- it has been indoors all this time, sitting on the window-sill of a southern facing window (getting about 18 hours of light a day). The window is usually open during the day. Can I move it outside? Do I have to harden it off?

Thanks for your help!!!

Kim- a newbie grower

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mcav0y(z3/4 Anchorage)

I found my answer below. I will replant and see how things go!

Kim- a newbie grower

Here is a link that might be useful: container gardening - repotting tomatoes

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