Powdery Mildew (I think)

JLindfors(So CA)June 14, 2005

I am growing 3 tomato plants in 3 containers; the plants look healthy except for brown leaves on several stems on each plant. I also saw a white powder looking substance on the tops of some leaves that I assumed was powdery mildew. Following a solution I found on the internet, I washed off the plants and then sprayed a solution of baking soda, vegetable oil and castille soap on the tops and bottoms of all the leaves. Is there anything else I should do? Should I cut off and discard any stems with brown leaves with pruning shears?

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I would remove any bad stems/leaves and have a plastic bag right in my hand when I did it so they could be disposed of without spreading spores any more than you have to.

Hopefully you have caught it earlier enough and the version of the Cornell Formula (with baking soda + oil) will protect other leaves. I have used Safer's Garden Fungicide with the active ingredient of sulphur on powdery mildew and it was VERY effective. (avail. pre-mixed at Wal-mart, etc). HOWEVER, it is hard to remember that you CAN'T spray sulphur for at least 4 weeks after using an oil spray and vice versa. (see label). Also most anything you use should not be applied in full sun or when the temps. are over 80-85 degrees. Good luck with your tomatoes.

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