Heirlooms with yellow leaves & Brown Spots

terrace_gardener(9)June 14, 2007

I'm posting for my frustrated husband. He is trying to grow heirlooms in containers on our terrace and has been having problems. Last year it was thrip and all the problems it brings.

The weather is finally turning warm this week in So. Calif. Temps have been in the 70s previous. No rain at all.

This is a sample of a Great White leaf. We also have a Aunt Ruby with the same problem. They're turning yellow with spots and then shrivels up and dries out (turns crispy). We cut off the shriveled ones but more pop up. The Aunt Ruby has had nothing but blossom drop. Great White is at least bearing a couple of fruits.

Could someone tell us what is the problem? We've sprayed with a fungicide(neem oil) since we thought it was spores. We've also read that spores can be in the soil--we got ours from Armstrong--and we might have to just get rid of the plants altogether. Please help!

Image link:

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Those photos are too small for me to tell if it's what my Aunt Ruby's had, but it was a virus and I killed the plants and burned them..

I gave away a few of these to friends and family and am monitoring their status closely.

Where did you get your seeds?

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A specialty grower here in S. Cal. We got them as small plants.

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