Unidentified tomato disease

amunk01June 12, 2014

Ok, i pulled my Thessaloniki tomato the other day just in case whatever was wrong with it was contagious. Yes, it seems like a knee-jerk reaction, but i actually needed the space and have more than enough toms. Anyway, No one on the Oklahoma forum recognizes the symptoms so they recommended i ask the Pros on this one. Upon closer inspection i found small black spots/rings on some leaves, yellowing leaves of entire branches with completely dead dried parts. Some of it looked like fertilizer burn but i know that isn't it because i haven't fertilized that row in three weeks. Plus it was the top branches and i bottom water carefully. Ive read and read and i need the experts to just give me an idea of what this may be and how is it transferred. Blight? Leaf spot? There are so many different diseases, but i haven't found the same semi-circle spots. The symptoms seemed to have progressed from top downward about two weeks before i pulled it. Only my second year so i have zero experience with disease ID, but i sure appreciate the help.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Those are strange marks. Unlike any disease I'm aware of.

Have you received any answers? Suggestions?

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2 out of my 6 plants are not doing well..the leaves are dry and curling.(.the other 4 plants are growing well.)..should I pull these out in case they get other plants get sick? any help would be appreciated

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