What's wrong with these leaves? Bugs??? (PICS)

rainyseasonbluesJune 8, 2009

I live in South Korea, close to Seoul. I have a garden on my balcony--poor claylike soil and containers both. Last year, tomatoes were okay and vigorous. Aside from the expected splitting of fruit during the rainy season, they survived and had decent production late July/early August. I started earlier this year and I have noticed some strange kind of damage on many of my plants. Caterpillars? I've looked and looked and, other than a few aphids (not enough to worry about--the ladybugs will be here soon) I don't see anything that could cause this kind of damage. Any ideas? Also, perhaps it is from rain, but the lower leaves are curling upward. I'm going to assume it is from too much rain recently and slightly poor drainage.

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I think your assumption is correct.
If you overwater even once it seems, some leaves will curl - nature's way to give you a clue! The curling is usually on lower leaves and they will remain curled. So long as you are not continuing to get more curling, you are probasbly fine!

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