Italian Tree Tomato?

gponder(7/South OR)January 14, 2010

If anyone has an opinion or experience with growing Italian Tree Tomato (not

Cyphomandra betacea Sendt), I would appreciate your input.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

I have not grown it but wanted to let you know that I did try to find information about it.

I first looked in several of my SSE YEarbooks and saw no listings for it. I then Googled it and found several links which mentioned it, more specifically a place called Rush Industries which sells plants.

There's one good link via Google to a thread here at GW where some were saying it's the same as Climbing Triple Crop, but I think not since that's an old Burgess variety.

The word tree I think is misleading since it's not a det thick stemmed plant with rugose foliage that kind of defines what a so called "tree" type is. Rather, it's being called tree b'c it has long vines as do all indeterminate varieties.

I have grown the variety Giant Tree which is a typical indeterminate with long vines, as is to be expected.


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gponder(7/South OR)

Carolyn, much appreciate your tenacity and input.

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misterbaby(7a/b TN)

Last year I grew Italian Tree tomatoes from seeds obtained from Totally Tomatoes. IT's are not the same as Triple Crop, as I grew those too. IT's are large pink tomatoes, heirloom in nature. They weren't sufficiently acidic for my liking. Misterbaby.

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gponder(7/South OR)

misterbaby thanks for that!

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I grew Italian Tree from totally tomatoes 2 years.
First year it was huge and amazing. Decent sized or better pink tomatoes( 4"-5" ? ).
The plant got REALLY big. It is vigorous.

The second year the plant got huge, but I didn't take care of it so it suffered.

I grew Climbing Triple L last year. It is either a totally different tomato, or the seeds got mixed up. It was a huge plant with red roma like tomatoes on it. Very productive.

I'm growing both again this year.

I liked the fruits of both of them, but I'm not that picky.

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