Has anyone grown Sweet Treats hybrid?

MaterexJanuary 4, 2012

I bought seed primarily because they were expensive (10 seeds for $5.95)I know, odd reason. Anyway, they are just starting to produce and are lovely, a large dark pink cherry. I can't say that I'm really keen on their taste, possibly that will improve. Hadn't noticed anyone mentioning them, so I thought I would.

I think we may have had a frost last night, too early to survey the damage. I have about 110 plants, 10 varieties, it will be interesting to see who took it the best/worse.

Distressing, yes, but having come from generations of Indiana farmers I know its all a gamble.

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They tend to do best flavorwise when the night time temps are higher. Also, being up north, growing them in the summer (when the light quality and duration is different).

I prefer Sakata's precursor variety 'Sweet Quartz" but 'Sweet Hearts' has added firmness to reduce bursting (they burst which is technically different than cracking). This made it more attractive to a larger seed market.

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