Sungold Leaf Issue

lumierefrere(z4NY)June 26, 2005

Hi All

I'm seeing this "condition" on a number of plants, some not at all. Yes, I did go to that site recommended and looked at Bacterial Spot and Speck. I'm not experienced enough with these things to determine if one of those is this or if it's EB. I'm sure you'll know and can tell me if running out to get Daconil is the solution or if I need something else.


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)


The spots are too big for Speck and no yellow halos and possibly Spot, but what about Septoria Leaf Spot and as you say EB?

Do you see any concentric rings inside those spots?

Any lesions on the stems?

Did you see all the other posts about Sungold here? I've never seen that before, with folks naming one variety in particular except you say it's on other of your plants as well.

Cutting to the chase, I don't see yellow halos and that kinda rules out Speck. Most likely would be EB if you see some internal rings in those spots. Next best would be Spot. The spots look too regular in shape to be Septoria.

At this point you['re in a better position than I am b'c you['re seeing leaves of varying sizes and can better judge spot size and distribution.


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Thanks for the help, Carolyn, and happy birthday!

Here's what I would call a lesion on the stem of my Alladin's Lamp. That's the plant I would say is most effected, though I've pretty much clipped off all the bad parts. I just happened to be next to the Sungold when it occurred to me to snip the branch and take a photo of it.

These are 2 plants who have never been in promixity to each other, the Sungold and the Alladin's Lamp. I'm sure things wafting on the breeze don't care.


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