can you eat the tomatoes that have some 'bad' parts?

medontdo(8)July 25, 2008

that we usually cut out?? hubs is making us throw them all away, which i'm composting, but i think its ok as long as we cut them out, but he say's thats how everyone got the salamonila . does anyone know?? ~Medo

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

Salmonella usually comes from feces,dung,human waste,crap,doodie,stool,etc.

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that makes me feel better. i don't use that just yet. LOL
not til mine is composted, and its not yet. i just got mine. LOL now lookie what we found just today. and i was picking on jen about putting poison on hers!! LOL so imagine my surprise when i had to, LOL its supposed to rain tonight!! LOL so thats cool!! :') so we go out the 2nd time to get the pic and i tell tabor LOOK!!!!! the dang thing is moving!!!! don't get to close!!!! ya know, befor we had a mole and we watched the ground move and i had no idea what it was so i'm calling hubs at work and i'm like "honey!!! the ground is moving, i don't know what it is, its like going around and everything, its crazy!!! he's like how close are you?? me: not that close, he knows i'm probably 2ft away, LOL so he say's do you have the kids? ohhh never mind, get your a** in the house!!!! well i'm really curious what it is!! him: ya and your gonna get bit!! now get in the house!! me: ok. i hung up the phone, kicked at the moving ground and then discoverd it was a mole!! LOL
soosooooo we're thinking nooo way!! its not back and getting our maters!! LOL
and he gets really close, cuz now he's like 12 and not 6. LOL
and here it is a huge fricken green biting worm!! LOL so i took the pic and then i go looking for this other bug that has taken over my mater plants!! ohhhhh i'm not happy!! one day no bugs!! next day bugs AND worms, tabors thoughts He** yay!! and why??? because its fish bait!!! BOYS!!!
that's the one bug, its grey
that's the worm in the bucket, actually there are two, talla had to be a nurturer and feed them!! LOL

these are the rugrats in their BEST!!! LOL

can you see or make out the bug?? ~Medo

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Your kids are BEAUTIFUL!! Are those hornworms in that bucket?

Carolyn P

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thank you very much!! the little one is talla, and the other one is tabor! :') don't they look so innocent??!! i swear, when their eye's open, they still look innocent with their smiles and all, but behind them, i think there is a bit of red or something!! LOL ohhh yes!! 2 horn worms, but i don't know/remember what those bugs were eating on my tomato leaves!! i know someone else posted about them i think!! LOL
wasnt' that a contradition in words!! LOL :')) ~Medo

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

Aw....they look like little angels. Not the hornworms - the kids. The first photo is unfortunately very hard to make out. Grab your user manual for your camera, and try to find the page that is discussing using macro, or super macro. That's the key to making a good closeup photo.


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ya, i kinda lost that, ya know the uhhhh unorganized part of me, LOL i am learning that i keep it on the little flower looking thing, and i press it half way down and it beeps and i can get a decent pic. if i remember!! LOL ahhhh my little brother is teaching me this!! i'll just have to ask him about the super macro, maybe he can show me?? its funny, he's my little brother, but the dude is like almost 6'!!! i see my daughter being taller than me in a few years!! LOL she's up to my chest now! all legs to! i'm like , where did you get all that from?? definately not your mama!! LOL
so i was telling hubs about the mast idea, he didn't say no!! iwas like "awesome" if he don't say no, that's awesome, cuz i'm halfway there!!! LOL ~Medo
thanks!! don't let them fool ya though!! LOL that's only cuz they are sleeping!! LOL

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bencjedi(6 - Central Kentucky)

yes, just slice off the bad parts and eat the good. My wife and I have been doing that for YEARs and never got sick on a tomato yet.

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i though so!! we have been to, i just htink he was freaking out becaus eof the sal. scare. my others have been composted, but now i'm not gonna compost anymore of them. heck that's awaste of great food!! LOL and at the price of tomato's these days!! WHEW!! and if some reason we do get sick we can just chug a 1/4 cup of acv and we'll be good to go!! i did that after we ate at sirloin steak house and i ate some very bad crab meat. and i told the manager it was bad, he said he tasted it and it was good. well i started getting the rumbly tummy and all, started feeling REALLY sick, so as soon as i got home i downed it, later the belching and boom!! all better!! not a trace of sickness!! but of course i live by the acv cure!! LOL the girls in my MNF round robin swear i have an vinegar affair. LOL i say it cures everything!! inside and out,, also witch hazel is a good one for the mosquito bites that don't sting!! LOL talla gets them so much and freaks MOM NO!!! IT STINGS!!!! so i have tochase her down!! LOL now its cool!! LOL no itching afterwards!! LOL ~Medo

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