Fall MTPS preview -- Daylily crazy

bigorangevol(Nashville)April 24, 2007

For starters, nobody hates giving up the UT / Bama game more than I do. The ONLY thing that could keep me away is the MTPS! So just in case you are thinking if blocking out the Third Saturday in October for something other than the Fall MTPS, here is what you'll be missing.

We have another special guest lecturer! (Unless he chickens-out) How about the President and Reporter of the Region 10 East Tennessee Daylily Society who's folks own Jeff & Jackie's Daylilies in Clinton, TN and whose wonderful wife is the VP of the ETDS as well as our MTPS webpage guru?

Need any more hints? Ok, they have two adorable kids that we all love dearly. Still haven't figured it out? Dale Earnhardt fan...Intimidator...likes palms and tropicals...member of the GW TN Forum Mafia...

If you haven't met Doug and Becky Holder then boy have you missed out!

BTW, if you are looking for a great place to buy Daylilies then check out Jeff & Jackie Pryor's website at http://www.daylilybiz.com/. Click on "Introductions" and look at Dakota Sunshine; Sweeter Than Honey; Mountain Lace; Childish Dream and my personal favorite...Eminence Front.

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farmerbell(6b TN)

Jeff, this is so exciting! I have just begun to get serious about growing daylilies. I have about 150 seedlings that have been started from seeds that were either purchased or traded for. I just put the date on my calendar. Thanks for all that you do for the MTPS and especially for getting such quality speakers.


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intimidator_3(7a TN)

Wow, kinda hard to follow up that intro from Jeff. My mom doesnt even brag on me that much!

But hopefully after a good Daylily 101 talk everyone will love the Daylily as much as I do and run right home and build a new bed just for'em. Like I did today. Man, thats the first real physical activity that Ive subjected my ankle to in about 3 1/2 months, and Im feeling it right now............ahh, the things we do for flowers.

Ann, I hope you will still love Daylilies after you hear me talk. I wouldnt want to ruin them for anybody;^)

Now, wheres the Ibuprofen?


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Doug it's been six months for me and I still have a few problems every now and then. Forget running; I can't do it anymore or at least not yet! As a former sprinter this is VERY hard to accept! I can't hoop anymore either. It sucks. You're lucky you're not 47!!! I hope your rehab is going better than mine dude.

We'll get you a chair, stool, cane, wheelchair or walker for the Fall MTPS if you need one. ;-)
I have them all.

Brugs for Spring and Daylilies for Fall; could we do any better for topics? Joe & Judith rock as Brug experts and Doug & Bec are as good as it gets for Daylilies. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful and knowledgable members that are willing to give their time and expertise to those of us that don't know squat. Thanks again to all four of you in advance!!!

OH PALEEEEEEEEEEEASE, you know Jackie could probably talk the horns off a goat bragging on her baby boy! Get real.

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intimidator_3(7a TN)

Jeff, Ive got quite a collection of walking assistance devices now myself. Our walk-in closet in the master is full of crutches(which no one else in the family could probably ever use since Im almost 6'2"), orthopedic boots, orthopedic ankle supports, a really cool type of ace bandage wrap with velcro, and a couple of giant rubber bands, one blue, and one black. These were for the rehab and recovery phase of the ligament tears. Im keeping all of it though. Im using it all as my good luck charm so I wont ever have this happen again. If I threw it all out or gave it away I would surely tear some ligaments in the other ankle.

Oh, and by the way, My brother is the baby. I was the oldest and generally got shafted on all of the chores;^)

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Jeff and Doug,
Ya'll are making me feel bad....it has been about a year since I broke my right tibia and I'm still having problems,
the good thing about the garden is atleast I can sit down if I have too...:) But Jeff thank you for getting us a Daylily Speaker! Since my collection is growing by leaps and bounds...maybe he can tell me what that odd one of my grandmothers' is.....Plus it makes missing the spring swap a little less heartbreaking.............See ya'll in the fall.

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