Daconil vs Harvesting

tomatomike(z7NC)June 29, 2006

I have a Daconil product and it indicates that you should wait 7 days to harvest after application on tomatoes. How should I manage using Daconil given that tomatoes ripen continuously and not on a convenient schedule? Any help from someone with experience with this fungicide would be great. Also, how long after starting a spray regimen should I start seeing results?

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sillyrib(z5 IL)

I've never heard of any toxic effects from the use of Daconil but always make sure you wash your toms thoroughly before eating. Daconil is also a preventative measure and would have limited success on plants already infected. This of course depends heavily on what is affecting your plants. Post pictures of the problem for identification.

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I have a couple of Heirlooms with early blight and I got the spray for that. This is the first time I have tried using Daconil. I also have a plant with tomato wilt virus, which I know the fungicide will not control, unfortunately.Thanks for responding.

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