Saving the hostas

outdoormomof4April 6, 2007

I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to my hostas to help thm through this freezing weather?? are they pretty hardy? They had already come out this year and then this week of freezing weather comes out of the blue after the 80 degree days the week before..........

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I just came in from checking my plants and thought I would check this forum to see what damage others are seeing. I was surprised not to see more posts on the subject!

I have several kinds of hostas and the leaves are definately damaged after last night's cold. I think that after the cold passes, they will continue to put up new leaves and be just fine. Hosta and Daylillies both are very tolerant of these late freezes. I have never lost any to late cold, regardless of leaf damage. I hope yours pull thru and return to good health. They are amazingly hardy plants so there is every reason to think they will!
If you don't have too many, you can cover with leaves, mulch up high around them or even put cardboard boxes over them. This won't protect against actual freeze, it's used more to protect against frost, but it should help some. Also go out and water them well if you can. A well-watered plant is less likely to suffer damage than a dehydrated one.

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I put pots over my 2 favorite hostas & I have not looked under the pots yet. The ones I did not cover are melted except for the undulatas - They may go tonight.

This is my leap (third) year on many of my plants & here this freeze came along. I covered peonies that had buds, an english rose, & my crinum Jeff gave me a couple years ago :-) & some other small perennials.

My poor clematis had at least a thousand buds & was going to be gorgeous.....WAHHHH!!!

I wonder if this will get the peaches around here.

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I covered everything and tucked everyone in........I'm hoping that this will keep all of them well. Although it took me almost 4 hours and I was so wind burned.......that was only for my own beds.....I also spent 2 hours at my boyfriends.........the very few of my daylilies that weren't covered look ok today.......But I had to pick and chose since I didn't have enough covers for all of them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed

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