A Virus, or Too Much Heat and Water?

nanokitty(6b NJ)June 10, 2011

I'm still a newbie when it comes to tomatoes - so help is appreciated! Two of my tomato plants (Anna Russian, Speckled Roman) have curled their leaves - and now I see it's starting on two of my other plants (Amish Paste, Oaxacan Jewel). It starts at the top of the plant and works it's way down.

After searching, it looks like this could be due to the excess heat (we've been in the upper 80s all week, and in the upper 90s the last 2 days) and rain (lots of it!), or it could be a virus?

How can I tell the difference?

I'm posting a picture, with a pink backdrop to make the image clearer.


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Are these plants in pots or in the ground?

If in pots, make sure they are large enough to support a tomato plant's requirements for room. Pots should be at least 5 gallons; better to have 15 gallon containers for most varieties of tomatoes. Also for pots, make sure the soil is a potting mix, not garden soil or topsoil.

Also, if in pots, feed them every 2 or 3 weeks with a weak dilution of fertilizer. You want the instant-acting type of fertilizer such as MiracleGro or Peters. Dilute to the strength for indoor plants. Fertilizer that's too strong will damage the plants. One sign of over-fertilizing is when the edges of the leaves get crispy.

Make sure they are not sitting in soggy soil, whether they are in pots or in the ground.

I don't see an immediate sign of disease. Let us know if the situation gets worse.

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nanokitty(6b NJ)

The plants are in ground, planted one to a hill. The ground - even up the hills - is wet, though. We've had such a deluge that the soil hasn't been able to dry out. And it's supposed to storm again tomorrow. I don't suppose there's anything I can do except wait for sunny weather, then. I am happy to hear it's likely not a virus, though. Thanks!

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