Nuclear war has begun.. Malathion plus every week

elkski(5)June 2, 2006

well I planted my toms april 20th with water walls and things went ok. Some plants were out 18" above the walls and I think things are safe so I took off the Walls last week.

I noticed a few thrifts and so started the battle. Malathion plus and a super surfactant additive every 7 days.

Last year was my first thrift battle and they won. I had my first BLT by july 4th and then had such bad blossom drop that I had hardly any fruit set for 6-8 weeks. It took me 2 weeks to find out about thrifts and then I tried the wimpy worthless insecticidal soap for 3 weeks and then tried nuclear but I lost the best blossom set window. frost here in Sep. I also see little black flies with big wings this year.

Oh BTW I only have two raised beds with 8 plants each and couldn't rotate crops like you should do.

ShoulsI spray the ground and area around too?

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cbars(z5b6a MO-Kansas City)

Was not sure what you were talking about and the light bulb went on - THRIPS - not thrifts.

Malathion is the accepted pesticide. Be very careful and follow the directions very closely because Malathion is some bad stuff. I would not spray the ground or surrounding areas because the malathion will kill all that it touches like earthworms and bees. Spray only the affected plant or plants and do so only when there is presence of THRIPS.

Good luck,


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