Thrips like my brandywine the best

elkski(5)June 21, 2006

I put this in the heirloom page but maybe this is the correct palce.

Yes I have thrips again this year! Thanks for last year Costco!

I use 2 4x10' raised beds and I cant move them and didn't have another place to plant my 16 maters.

I was a viligiant inspector this year afer last years severe bloosom drop problem/tried the nice soap method to only extend my problem and lost more than half my production.

Anyhow this year it was right to the Malathion plus every Friday. I missed last Friday's spray but they were back and I sprayed sunday. Now I see them again on the Brandywine and that is where all my blossom drop is occurring. It is next to better boy and legend and a health kick... It does appear the the brandywine blosom stems are is more sticky looking than the other plants..

Whats the deal" is the brandywine thrip cotton candy or what?

Also how ugly of a chemical is this?

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torquill(z9/sunset15 CA)

Malathion is pretty ugly... and I'm not sure it's the thrips causing your blossom drop. Have you seen the thrips recently? You can usually see them with a good magnifying glass or hand-lens.

Brandywine is notoriously finicky about setting fruit, particularly if it's the generic pink one. Too hot, not hot enough, not enough water, not old enough, a little too much humidity... it almost takes standing on one leg and reciting a limerick to get it to set. So just having blossom drop isn't an indication of thrip activity.

Look for the thrips, and don't spray unless you see them. Take out all the weeds in the garden area and as far out from it as you can, because weeds host them. Start flicking your Brandywine flowers, and don't use it as your indicator of how well things are setting -- use the other three, which are very reliable.

who has noticed that the generic pink Brandywine is much less tolerant than the Sudduth strain for some reason -- Sudduth Brandywine has been setting in 100+ degree weather this week, where normal Brandywine would just fry.

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