When to water after spraying daconil? to use liquid fish fert?

karendee(5WestOFChicago)June 4, 2011

Can I water/ fertlize plants after spraying with Daconil (Ortho brand)?

DO I need to re-spray them if the leaves get wet? I have a drip/mister irrigation set up. The mist is light and low to the ground but it does get the bottom leaves wet. I also want to pour some fish fertilizer on them in case they need a nutrient boost.

I see many posts that say to re-spray after heavy rain. But how about a light rain? Or a mist?

I am wondering if I water the plants with my fish fertilizer or use my drip/spray if I need to re-spray with the daconil?

I used the daconil for the first time yesterday. I have some yellowing leaves and possible fungus.

See photos.



Yellow leaves bottom right

Brown spot bottom right on lower leaf

Leaf I removed

Black spots and some areas with chewed spots (sprayed for bugs several days ago)

Worst one..leaf now removed


White spots and a spider web. Treated for bugs already

Some spots

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fivemurfs(6.5 TN)

I have the same question. The directions on the container are not very clear. I've never used fungicide before and have lived with leaf spot and rot, but last year my tomatoes developed anthracnose, which causes spots on the fruit that eventually grow into large rotten circles. I've always avoided pesticides and been able to wait out the pest or the fungus, but this year I'm spraying! If you find out an answer, please post it.

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We have some rain on the way...so it looks like my plants will get water anway.

I wonder if I reapply Daconil when the rain stops? I want to make sure there I treat them correctly.

I hope the fish fertlizer I watered in yesterday absorbed.

I also see some yellowing that looks like herbacide drift. I have been reading and think one plant has it at the top. (not pictured above though)

I keep reading other people's postings and learning more!

Thanks Tomato people!

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